What is the Blockchain Technology Club?

Intro to the club, what we do, and the resources within this wiki

Founded in 2016, the Rochester Institute of Technology Blockchain Technology Club (aka, BTCRIT) exists to further the education and implementation of decentralized systems. We provide value to current, prospective, and past members with:

  • A "crypto crash course" for a student-led, student-oriented overview about everything Blockchain, Web3, DeFi, etc aimed at those who want to learn more but don't quite know where to get started.

    • Our next Crypto Crash Course is under development! We hope to host one in sometime in March or April of this year.

  • Club Meetings, with presentations on current events and demos/dives into various topics; often, these build on concepts from the aforementioned crash course.

  • Opportunity to actively participate in the implementation of concepts discussed at the club (eg. on-chain voting, club participation in hackathons, coding resources, etc)

  • Connections to industry professionals, other clubs, and hiring pipelines aligned with RIT's "Thinkers, Makers, Doers" motto

  • An open forum for discussing the latest news, aka our Discord server

Formal Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate students about blockchain technology and explore its potential implications for society. Blockchain technology is rapidly bringing finance, supply chain logistics, voting, and more into the decentralized digital age. We aim to make it as easy to understand as possible, so that everyone can participate. Our members are developers, miners, traders, and just plain enthusiasts. Come join us!

Joining the Club

Please help us out by filling out our interest form here:


It only takes a couple minutes and gives the club valuable info about where to put our resources to provide the most value!

TL;DR: We're on discord and you can join us here.

The club primarily serves three categories of people:

  • Current Undergradute and Graduate students at RIT (all majors welcome)

  • RIT Alumni, Faculty, and Staff

  • Members of the Rochester Community

We welcome all people above to join us at our discord server: https://discord.gg/w2S3KmmFmf

For RIT students, please join us on CampusGroups: https://campusgroups.rit.edu/BTC/club_signup

We also have a twitter: https://twitter.com/btcrit

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